Hi, I'm Ron, the author of The Keeper's Chronicles.  The Keeper's Chronicles is a story about the fallen state of humanity where right and wrong is no longer discernible from one another.  The series follows protagonist Tagorin Avar, an orphan raised into early adulthood inside the workings of a bandit collective where survival is hinged upon what we (society at large) would perceive as wrong doing.

I started the work on this book because I was very interested in understanding the forces of good and evil, elements I enjoyed with all my favorite childhood stories; Star Wars, King Arthur, and Batman.  What those stories have in common is the very clear, distinct division between good and evil and their battle for dominance, particularly within an individual.  But I also felt those stories (with the minor exception of Batman) in large part fell short of building and creating the environment we have in our society, where good and evil are not clearly discernible, but rather in the murky middle.  What happens to a person in this kind of world?  How do they navigate that world?  And more importantly, what happens to the person who is able to identify the divisions, the differences between good and evil in a world that doesn't recognize it, or more worrisome, uses the lens of law to promote evil?  That's exactly what this series is about--a world that has lost its way.

The book will be published through Amazon's CreateSpace division--an excellent service provided to authors who want a more direct input on how their product turns out and is ultimately presented before an audience.  The book has been submitted to Amazon for editing.  In the meantime, cover work is in the process of finalization.  I am very excited about this process to say the least.

I hope you are too.